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Wall Lappam

Wall Lappam Providers in Hyderabad

Are you planning to get your home painted but have identified some problem areas on the walls? Worry not, as this is exactly where wall putty excels. Applying wall putty on your walls before getting them painted ensures a smooth and even finish!

There are many uses for wall putty, most commonly it is applied before the final paint so that the life of the paint increases. The best part about wall putty is that it can be used on both dry and wet walls, and also be applied on interior as well as exterior wall finishing. However, before you begin, it is extremely important to know the process of putty application for exceptional results.
It is essential to keep in mind that the wall putty must be applied to the walls only after the first primer coat has dried. It fills in the imperfections on the surface and even on the slightest of cracks. It offers a defensive sub-layer for the paint. One or two coats of putty can be applied accordingly, but you need to allow the prior coat to dry before you apply the next coat. The desired result will only be achieved if the process is followed properly.